Arduino reaction game

Goal of game is to press the button faster that the other players when the white led light up. The first player that reach 10 points wins the game.

Arduino reaction game for four players. The project uses 4 mcp23017, 40 leds (a set of 10 for each player), one bright led that let you know when you are allowed to press the button.

Software you can find here:

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Bletooth soldering station with Arduino

Building a soldering station is not that hard if you have a Arduino at hand. But I wanted my station to be small and to have something extra than just a temperature controller. This is how I come up with roroSOL, the bluetooth soldering station with arduino.

 Needed components

  • Arduino Mini Pro
  • HM-05 bluetooth module
  • LM358N operational amplifier
  • 5v+ logic MOSFET
  • 2pcs-10k,1pc-1k, 1pc-120k resistors
  • 2pcs-0.1uF capacitors
  • cheap soldering iron
  • 24V (aprox. 6A) power source

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SMS alarm system with Arduino

This project represents a simple SMS alarm system made with Arduino that allows you to arm or disarm via SMS message. Also when the alarm is triggered you’ll get a SMS notifying you that. And because I know that is very hard to type messages the included android app will help your fingers to rest 😀

 Needed components

  • Arduino Uno
  • A-GSM shield
  • Bread board or prefboard
  • laser diode
  • photoresitor(LDR)
  • 10k resistor
  • leds
  • wires for connections

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Cum sa arzi un Arduino Pro mini in 3 pasi simpli


1.Se ia un arduino pro mini

2.Se alimenteaza pe pinul RAW cu 12V 6A

3.Bucurati-va de artificii!!!!!!

arduino pro mini
arduino pro mini


La urmatorul link gasiti mai multe detalii despre ce s-a intamplat:

Sugestii ca sa evitati aceasta problema:

  1. Nu alimentati direct cu 12V 6 A
  2. Folosire radiator
  3. Folositi un regulator auxiliar 12V-5V, de preferabi ceva diferit de L7805




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