I needed a base64 encoder for a web api. But in Thunkable X I did not find any component to suit my needs. Also sending username and passwords to an external API was too insecure for me. I found two solutions to this problem.

First Solution:

This implies having access to a hosting service where you could host a PHP script that would do the conversion for you and WebAPI componnent.

PHP Script:

$str = $_GET['string'];
$myObj->response = base64_encode($str);
$myJSON = json_encode($myObj);
echo $myJSON;


Second Solution:

The second solution is more elegant since you have a function inside your app that is doing the conversion.


From my testing looks like this is working ok. If you find some errors let me know. Probably are due do to the asci conversion list.

Here is a sample project:

Thank you!

Base64 Encoding in Thunkable X
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