In the article DPS5015 DIY power supply I will show how you can build a simple adjustable power supply at home made with the DPS5015 controller and a NDR 240-24 DIN rail power supply. This will help you a lot in powering your arduino or raspberry pi projects because it will give you precise control over the needed current or voltage. For example without a adjustable power supply you needed to alway put a resistor before powering a led. Now if you set the current at 20mA and voltage at 3.3V(based on LED specs) the resistor is not needed anymore and you can power safely the LED.


Needed tools:

  • 3D printer
  • soldering iron
  • cutting pliers
  • wires
  • DPS5015
  • NDR240-24
  • Male power plug socket 
  • Power connectors(I don’t know exactly the name for them in english but watch the video and you will understand)
  • M3x10mm screws

3D printing:

As usual for my 3D designs I’m using FUSION 360. Currently available for download is m2. Pictures are from m3 that I’m currently working.

For downloading the parts go to this address on thingiverse .

And of course the youtube video:

DPS5015 DIY power supply

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