In this post I will show you how you can build a diy seven segment display with the help of a 3D printer, an arduino and some led bars.

Needed tools:

3D printing:

As usual for my 3D designs I’m using FUSION 360. I will add directly the STL files because scope of this article is not to teach you how to work in Fusion 360 :-). If you want to learn it than you can find plenty of youtube tutorials. I can recommend this one https://youtu.be/sw8BW0IXWZw. My design is an update of this one. Update consist in dimension (mine is 125x85mm),  interlinkable design, fitting of the electronics onboard, fixing points, cover.





For downloading the parts go to this address on thingiverse .



Schematics are made with eagle, but started in Fritzing. Please use the eagle version and also take in account that you will need to solder some jumpers on pins on D8,D7,D6 and also a resistor for the DOT led. In short future I will update the schematics with this change.






Here you can download the schematics  7-segment diy


I will show you 2 versions of the software. But before make sure that you have arduino ide installed and seg7 library.

First version is a simple standalone counter for the display:

Now, below comes the magic of making this display interlinkable with I2C.  For this purpose we will need a master arduino (I was using a arduino micro) and the arduinos from the digits will be the slaves. Remember that I told you that you will need to add some sumpers? Well with those jumpers we will establish the address of the digits. Current version of software suport as much as 4 digits linked. If you add a 3’th jumper you will be able to go to 10 digits. But enough with the talks and let’s go to the software:



You can find the above code also on my github page.

And of course the youtube video:

7-segment display DIY

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